Lustalux are specialists in Window Film, Architectural Vinyl Wrapping, Graphic Design and Signage

Lustalux itself is built from a passion to transform concepts into reality helping display who you are and what you do in a visual manner – bringing your business’ personality to life for that quality, unforgettable customer experience. We are passionate about leading innovation as an early adopter; “conformable laminate” is an innovative technology Lustalux are pioneering to revolutionise the applied film industry. This versatile material is eco-friendly, cost-effective and time efficient – it allows people to refresh, reuse and modernise, rather than replace, meaning less waste and free reign with our ideas!

Lustalux have evolved into becoming market leaders in the supply and installation of speciality window films, graphics and signs since starting out in 1991; if you’d like to refresh your brand’s look and bring your business’ personality to life then please get in touch.

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We are proud to share a snapshot of case studies with you that demonstrate how we transform innovation into reality. Lustalux would love to bring the first example, our dementia care home project, to your attention; a wonderful, heart-warming display of just how much of an impact the right creative team can have on your business.

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